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The most delicious homemade Polish Specialties

Check out our available pierogi and baked good products.

Delicja Homemade Polish Foods

Delicja's Pierogi and Polish Baked Goods Are Incredibly Delicious.

At Delicja, we offer traditional Polish food prepared using family recipes and only the finest ingredients. It is truly homemade Polish food at its best!





What's New

Delicja is now offering our Polish specialties including Pierogi, Polish Sausage, Potato Pancakes, Paczki, and more at local fairs and events along with our local farmers market stands.

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We Offer Catering ... Too!

Not hungry now? Pickup some of our frozen pierogi for later.

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The best Polish Food in the Northwest Suburbs!

Are your taste buds tingling yet? Here are more treats that we proudly offer:

Additional Treats

Count on Delicja for the seasonal flavors you love!


Delicious Holiday Cookies


Cheese Filled Goodness

Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Full of Flavor

Gift Baskets

Holiday Fun & Party Popularity



Our pierogi are packaged frozen and reheat easily for delicious Polish food in your home.


Beef & Pork


Just Add Fruit


Kraut Please

We offer our pierogi with various fillings. Meat, cheese, mushroom, kraut, and more.

The meat pierogi are great served up with fried bacon and onions.

The cheese pierogi is excellent when servied with seasonal berries, ice cream, and whipped topping.

Veggie pierogi are a great alternative for side dishes or vegetarian main courses.

Have us cook for you... or take some home and make people think you made them!

You have to be wanting some of our delicious Polish goodies by now. Not yet... see more below!




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